Jewellery Servicing

White gold diamond halo studs

Jewellery is meant to be worn and enjoyed – what a shame to keep it in the box! But the more you wear your beloved jewellery, the greater the chance it will need jewellery servicing, repair or restoration one day. Rest assured that your jewellery will be handled with care and precision at Hempen Fine Jewellers.

With one of our four certified goldsmiths available, we are proud to provide on-site service that is both meticulous and timely. All service, including custom jewellery design and creation, is done on site, giving you peace of mind that your piece is in the best hands.

Keeping your jewellery pieces in-house is an important aspect of Hempen Fine Jewellers. This not only keeps your valued jewellery items safe in our on-site location but also allows Hempen Jewellers to offer cost-effective pricing. At Hempen Jewellers we are able to offer all types of jewellery repairs and restoration. Our expert staff will explain all aspects of your jewellery repair requirements.

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