Custom Jewellery Designs

  • Showing a photo of a ring using their phone

    Find your dream ring

    Simply bring us a picture of the piece of jewellery you want. We can do the rest!

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  • Jewellery CAD design using gemvision Matrix

    Precise 3D design & printing

    We draw up an accurate design of your ring on the computer, then cut it at our in-store factory.

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  • White gold split shank cushion halo engagement ring featuring a round diamond and smaller diamonds down the band

    Enjoy your ring

    That’s all there is to it! The ring you want, custom made for you at the guaranteed lowest price.

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Have you ever seen a picture of the exact piece of jewellery that you’ve always wanted, only to discover that it isn’t sold at any local jewellery stores?

The custom jewellery design service at Hempen Jewellers is your solution!

Stop by our storefront today or give us a call to see how our in-store jewellery design and 3D printing services can help craft the perfect piece!

Traditional custom jewellery was handmade requiring extensive labour and cost, often making custom made jewellery unaffordable.

At Hempen’s, that has all changed. Utilizing the latest technology, custom-made jewellery is no more expensive than other products in our showcases. Custom made jewellery can often be designed in mere minutes avoiding labour cost.

“Creating a one of a kind or custom made piece of jewellery from a photo or digital image has never been easier.”

Hempen Fine Jewellers designers and goldsmith/jewellers are pleased to offer Gem Vision – an innovative technology that generates unparalleled images of your design prior to creation.

This technology can design any type of jewellery – diamond rings, gemstone rings, necklaces, earring and bracelets – virtually anything you can dream of. This exciting partnership allows your ideas and our expertise to combine to create a unique masterpiece for your special someone.

“Whether it is an engagement ring, a custom wedding set, re-designing a setting or creating a new family heirloom, we are happy to enhance your life’s milestones.”

Hempen Jewellers has incorporated Gem Vision into our offering to not only help our clients articulate their unique ideas but to also display every unique contour and design element prior to the jewellery creation to ensure complete satisfaction and to remove the guesswork in the design process.

This innovative technology produces stunning detailed images, incorporating selected gemstones, designing around heirloom stones, or creating custom pieces solely out of precious metals.

This process only works with the most highly trained experts. Goldsmiths, who are jewellery designers and understand the intricacies of how jewellery is made. The result of partnering with Hempen Jewellers is also surprisingly cost-effective, by virtually removing the risk of misaligned expectations.

“It’s hard to imagine something much more special than having your special piece of jewellery created exactly how you want for the price you want.”

Hempen Jewellers can accomplish this through our highly trained staff and innovative technology.

Let us design and create that custom piece of jewellery that you have always wanted, right in store. Contact us today, or pay us a visit at our storefront location right on the heart of Main Street in Newmarket.