Diamond Fashion

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Who said diamonds were just for engagement rings? Why should the left hand be the only one weighed down by a sparkling masterpiece?

Come to think of it, can’t a diamond be a man’s best friend?

Why limit the most beautiful, most rare, most desirable of gems to one event in your life?

Hempen Fine Jewellers knows that the diamond is the perfect stone to adorn your ears, your wrist, your right hand, the possibilities are endless! Our showroom showcases an extensive collection of pieces to complete your look. Our ability to custom design jewellery is where we can really have some fun. We can work together to create your unique masterpiece, whether it is to mark a milestone in your life, to gift a special someone or to simply spoil yourself with a well-deserved treat.

Our custom design capabilities extend past your fingers to beautiful diamond tennis bracelets, gorgeous diamond necklaces, diamond stud earrings or other earrings perfect for any special occasion. Whatever you’ve imagined, we can work together to make it a reality. Our in-house jewellery designers and goldsmiths can create and refine any diamond jewellery and do so with total precision using the latest technology.

If you are in the market for diamond jewellery, look no further than Hempen. The possibilities are endless.

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