Welcome to Hempen Fine Jewellers
designing and manufacturing fine jewellery since 1968


Hempen Jewellers has been proudly providing unique and custom jewellery designs from our Newmarket Jewellery store to customers across York Region for over 48 years. Our family has been refining and expanding our jewellery expertise and manufacturing techniques using the latest technology available. CAD CAM (Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing) technology provides Hempen Jewellers clients with the exact and precise jewellery designs they want for the price they want. All custom jewellery is made at our location allowing for quick turn around times.

Our storefront location at 220 Main Street provides an extensive selection of contemporary, timeless and classic jewellery designs. You will find everything from diamond engagement rings, diamond fashion rings, wedding bands, designer necklaces, diamond bracelets, earrings, gold bracelets and the finest quality gemstone jewellery.

All of our in-store jewellery selection can only be outdone by our ability to design custom jewellery. We pride ourselves that our in-store jewellery manufacturing quality is second to none and we guarantee that our price and quality can’t be beaten!

  • Our Reputation is the Best

    Our highly trained and experienced staff at our Newmarket storefront location will be pleased to help and educate you on your next jewellery purchase. Hempen Jewellers has 4 fully certified goldsmiths/jewellers on site which allows for experienced consultation designing jewellery using CAD right before your eyes. You never need to worry that your treasured family heirlooms are sent away, Hempen Jewellers will take care of everything at a place that you can trust, close to home.

  • Your Experience is our Priority

    At Hempen Fine Jewellers we are committed to providing kind, valuable guidance for any budget and taste. From your initial visit to our showroom to our one-on-one consultation, your comfort and concerns are at the forefront. We realize that jewellery is a timeless and personal investment – a special and unique piece of jewellery will call to mind special and defining moments. We take our role in the selection and manufacturing of your jewellery investment seriously and aim to make this process memorable. We hope to come alongside you to build life’s memories, one piece at a time.

  • Excellence, Integrity, Ingenuity

    For close to 50 years Hempen Jewellers has had the pleasure of educating clients on the 4 C’s which determines the price of diamonds. We carry literally hundreds of unset diamonds of varying cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. Throughout the many years in business, we have had the pleasure of selling thousands of diamonds to our clients. The ability to design jewellery from a photograph or digital image using the latest technology and satisfying our client’s needs has earned Hempen Jewellers a strong and valued reputation. We are very proud to meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

    Hempen Jewellers is extremely proud to be the longest operating jewellery business in Newmarket. Our manufacturing showroom located on Main Street has been providing expert jewellery advice for over 48 years. Our long tenure in the jewellery industry is sustained by our pursuit of adopting the latest technologies while relying on our depth of knowledge and experience to offer the finest of quality products as well as offering educated and trustworthy advice.

    Hempen Fine Jewellers is most proud of our highly trained and knowledgeable staff. Our 4 fully certified jewellers along with our sales team are experienced in meeting our client’s jewellery needs. We specialize in custom-made engagement rings, matching wedding bands and combining family jewellery items to create a special family heirloom. Whatever you’ve been dreaming of, our outstanding team will provide expert advice to meet all of your criteria. We truly believe that your jewellery investment is a journey that should be enjoyed and pondered; it cannot be rushed and should never cause undue pressure. At Hempen Jewellers our designers and goldsmiths are committed to collaborate with you and act as a resource to guide you along the way, ensuring that your final decision is exactly what you hoped it would be.

    Our family business has grown to encompass the entire community; our commitment to our local economy and charitable organizations is unshakable. Fundraising for not-for-profit organizations, involvement in community events and boosting the economic growth of our beloved downtown are privileges we don’t take for granted. Newmarket’s Main Street is thriving with unique shops, specialty boutiques and a wide variety of exceptional culinary options. We like to think of ourselves as an enduring anchor for the city. We look forward to another forty-eight years of deepening our roots and partnering with our clients in their most treasured memories.

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