A custom diamond engagement ring, one of many different styles of engagement rings available for sale at Hempen Jewellers in Newmarket

Engagement Rings

Perhaps the most important purchase to express love, commitment and dedication is the diamond engagement ring—the epicentre of the jeweller’s repertoire. But finding the perfect piece from so many different styles of engagement rings can be a challenge!

Though many others will get involved in future wedding plans, it is the jeweller who has the privilege of walking alongside a couple to advise on engagement rings and to help select or create the first heirloom of a brand-new family. The jeweller is in the know; a trusted confidante, a reliable advisor, a co-conspirator in the event of your life—so you need the very best!

The experienced staff at Hempen Jewellers are ready to help, whether you are looking for the traditional solitaire, a contemporary design, antique or art deco styled jewellery. Maybe you are trying to incorporate a diamond from an existing family heirloom to create a more modern look or a unique jewellery style of your own. Or maybe you have no idea at all where to begin. Simply visit our Newmarket Jewellery Store today and shop our extensive inventory of jewellery and engagement rings.

Engagement rings—custom made at Hempen Jewellers

Looking for a special ring that can’t be found in other stores? Our Newmarket jewellery experts are able to guide you through the entire process, helping you design and create your partner’s dream ring from a photograph. Get the style you want, incorporate rubies, sapphires or emeralds, and we watch as we manufacture your masterpiece.

At Hempen Fine Jewellers we inventory a large selection of unset GIA certified diamonds. Diamond prices are determined by the “4 C’s” (Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat Weight). Standards in diamond grading and certification are of the utmost importance.

Hempen Jewellers sells diamonds certified by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) to ensure that you are purchasing an accurately graded diamond. The GIA is recognized worldwide as the benchmark in diamond grading reports and certification. Our expert designers and staff will educate you on the 4 C’s while showing you the diamond of your choice under a microscope. We are pleased to be a valuable resource at this important milestone in your life.

You’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with—that’s the hard part. Let us help you find the perfect engagement ring that shows how much you want to begin that life together.

Share claw diamond band white gold

Wedding Bands

Celebrate your special day and a lifetime together with meaningful wedding bands and rings, made precisely according to your wishes.

At Hempen, we are able to design and craft beautiful wedding bands and rings that perfectly match your engagement rings. Simply bring in your ring and we can use modern 3D design and printing methods to do the rest!

For jewellery as important as this, you shouldn’t have to resort to choosing a style that is second-best.

Your final masterpiece should be a reflection of your unique style, taste and personality. When you work with the custom design team at Hempen we guarantee that no matter what you are looking for, we can help make your dream ring or wedding band a reality.

We’ve had the honour of helping hundreds of excited couples get the exact piece of jewellery they were looking for. Now, we are thrilled that we can continue to do our part to help you celebrate your wedding and everything that comes afterwards with jewellery that is both beautiful, significant and essential.

Diamond Fashion

Who said diamonds were just for engagement rings? Why should the left hand be the only one weighed down by a sparkling masterpiece?

Come to think of it, can’t a diamond be a man’s best friend?

Why limit the most beautiful, most rare, most desirable of gems to one event in your life?

Hempen Fine Jewellers knows that the diamond is the perfect stone to adorn your ears, your wrist, your right hand, the possibilities are endless! Our showroom showcases an extensive collection of pieces to complete your look. Our ability to custom design jewellery is where we can really have some fun. We can work together to create your unique masterpiece, whether it is to mark a milestone in your life, to gift a special someone or to simply spoil yourself with a well-deserved treat.

Our custom design capabilities extend past your fingers to beautiful diamond tennis bracelets, gorgeous diamond necklaces, diamond stud earrings or other earrings perfect for any special occasion. Whatever you’ve imagined, we can work together to make it a reality. Our in-house jewellery designers and goldsmiths can create and refine any diamond jewellery and do so with total precision using the latest technology.

If you are in the market for diamond jewellery, look no further than Hempen. The possibilities are endless.

Designer Set

Designer Set

Hempen Fine Jewellers commitment to innovation resulted in the retention of our highly trained staff which includes 2 full-time CAD designers (Computer Aided Designers) and 4 fully certified goldsmith/jewellers. On the cutting edge of technology, Hempen Jewellers has the latest jewellery specific design software and the latest jewellery 3D printer on the market.

Our Clients work with our team using photographs, digital images or drawings to create the exact piece of jewellery they are looking for. Hempen Jewellers is committed to satisfying the exact specifications of their client’s jewellery design requirements. Clients work with our CAD designers and are able to watch and approve their fully designed and rendered piece of jewellery prior to it being manufactured in our on-site facility. Our commitment to our clients continues as we are able to show the finished jewellery models in any precious metal prior to gem setting to ensure the piece of jewellery meets our client’s expectations.

Our extensive in-store inventory of gorgeous diamond rings and unique precious gemstone jewellery is inspired by the creativity of our designers and goldsmiths that reflects our commitment to uniqueness and top-notch workmanship. This commitment contributes to Hempen’s coveted reputation as the best source for fine jewellery in Newmarket and York Region.

Coloured Gem Stones

Variety is the spice of life. Do you dare to be different?

The focal point of any engagement ring is the center gemstone. Sapphire is a great candidate as it comes in virtually every colour of the rainbow and is 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness (Diamond is 10) making it a durable stone for daily wear. Our hand-picked selection of natural sapphires are of the highest quality, the majority of Hempen’s sapphires are from Sri Lanka (Ceylon Sapphires) and display strong velvety blue characteristics. Hempen Fine Jewellers offers a wide selection of sapphire rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants and rings in our showroom.

We also carry an extensive selection of unset blue, pink, yellow, purple, green and white sapphires. Our jewellery designers are always available to create unique and unusual pieces of coloured gemstones jewellery from your digital image or photograph. As with all of our gems, Hempen Fine Jewellers only source ethically mined gemstones.

We often find that clients are less concerned with the type of gemstone than they are with the colour of gemstone they desire. By partnering with Hempen’s Newmarket jewellery experts we help you select the best stone for you that is both the look and the durability you desire.